The CD was the ultimate in digital storage, from music to software–yet it is far from a permanent medium; they scratch, degrade, break, and became obsolete over time. I can’t imagine the number of CDs that exist in the world today, knowing full-well there exists no technology to recycle them. Tektiles save a negligible amount of CDs from the landfill (or ‘safe disposal’)… but more importantly, the message of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ is spread. Ended is the era of irresponsible waste; the new age of recovery has already begun.

The collection is an outlet for me to create and spawn these CD creatures. It allows me leave the digital world–where I spend most of my work time–to make with my hands and get lost in detail. A Tektile is made by breaking the original CD and remixing it; its personality comes to life when the final piece is glued in place. Hard plastic is a difficult medium to manipulate, but each Tektile is a fun and unique challenge.


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